Brand Authority Positioning

Brand Authority Positioning

Get published on the next edition of BELT Magazine, showcase your expertise and further establish you brand credibility and authority as a thought leader and expert

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Quarterly publication of exclusive articles, interviews, features and a juicy blend of content across Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology

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Benefits of Being A BELT Magazine Contributor

Being a contributor on BELT Magazine hold tremendous benefits, both tangible & intangible ones that in turn increases your brand and results, here are some of the highlighted benefits;

Feature and Exposure

Highlights your contribution prominently in the magazine with a contributor spotlight. This recognition can boost your personal brand and authority.

Promotion and Backlink

Promote your brand within the article, along with a backlink to your website or social media profiles.

Contributor Badge

You get a unique badge or emblem that contributors can display on your website, social media profiles, or email signature.

Early Access

Getting early access to the magazine before the official launch, allowing you to share it with your audience.

Printed Copies

Printed copies of the magazine that you can showcase or gift to someone

Custom Content

Promotion of your content, product, or service on our media platforms and channels extending your reach to our audience.

Recognition in Other Formats

Special banner design for social media posts, mentions podcast episodes, or videos related to the magazine's launch

Collaborative Opportunities

Explore the possibility of future collaborations, such as joint webinars, workshops, or co-authored content.

Discounts on Our Services

Discounted access to your company's services, products, or events.

Personalized Merchandise

Personalized merchandise with your name and BELT magazine's branding as a gesture of appreciation.

Special Recognition Feature

Special Web Feature in recognition of your contribution with backlinks to your website or funnel

Affiliate Commissions 

Earnings from Custom Landing Page and links built to track sales and conversions

The benefits are not limited to the above mentioned, this opens up opportunities and a relationship with lots of great potential for you and BELT.

BELT Magazine

BELT, which stands for Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Technology, is more than just a magazine; it's a platform dedicated to fostering connections, providing education, and offering opportunities for growth and success to entrepreneurs like you.
Our quarterly publication features exclusive interviews, articles and features from thriving entrepreneurs and businesses.