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Welcome to BELT Magazine, your go-to destination at the intersection of Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Technology. We're not just a magazine; we're a dynamic platform dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and thought leaders on their journey to becoming rainmakers in their respective industries.

Mission Statement

BELT Magazine is a dynamic platform at the intersection of Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Technology. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs by fostering connections, providing education, and offering opportunities for growth and success.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

BELT Magazine stands out as a trusted resource for entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in their industries. We offer insightful content, networking opportunities, and a supportive community focused on equipping individuals with the tools they need to become rainmakers.

Our Verticals


Content focused on Business operations, activities and resources focused on growing your business and having a successful business


Everything pleasurable, for leisure and other fun activities such as movies, sports, music, video games and much more you enjoy or use to unwind.


Hobbies, personal life and activities success as fitness, health, travel, relationships and religious beliefs all connected your person


Leveraging tech tools and automations to get the most out of your entrepreneurial journey and experience to live a truly free life.

Audience Segment

BELT Magazine is designed for a diverse audience of entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and partners. Whether you're just starting out or leading a thriving enterprise, BELT is your resource for inspiration and growth.


New & Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Rising & Growing Entrepreneurs


Leaders & Business Professionals


Business Brands and Organizations


BELT Magazine is accessible both online and in print. We aim to provide readers with a convenient platform to access valuable insights and expertise.

Our Story

BELT Magazine was born out of a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to create a platform that empowers individuals to achieve their goals. Our founder envisioned a space where entrepreneurs could connect, learn, and thrive. Today, BELT Magazine continues to embrace this vision, serving as a catalyst for success in the entrepreneurial world.


Quarterly Publication


Our magazine features contributions from experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and thought leaders. They bring diverse perspectives and a wealth of knowledge to our pages, making each edition a source of inspiration and education.

Past Editions

Quarterly publication of exclusive articles, interviews, features and a juicy blend of content across Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology

Starting A Business

The Premier Edition of BELT Magazine with Eddie Madaki, this edition focused on the basics of new and aspiring entrepreneurs, giving a background and starting point

Content Highlight:

  • ​Building An Entrepreneur
  • ​Social Media For Businesses
  • ​Hubs, Incubators and Accelerators​

21st Century Women

This Edition with Chief Osasu Igbinedion is a women centric edition, focused on spotlighting women with ground breaking achievements and drive

Content Highlight:

  • ​Women Share Struggles In Business
  • ​The Rise To Fame
  • ​Making The Perception Shift As A Leader

Getting An Investor

This Edition with Aham Rochas focuses on being investor ready, the fundamentals needed to find your dream investor and other funding options

Content Highlight:

  • ​Starting A Business With or Without Capital
  • ​9 Things Investors Look For In A Business
  • ​How I Financed My Dreams

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BELT Magazine

BELT, which stands for Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Technology, is more than just a magazine; it's a platform dedicated to fostering connections, providing education, and offering opportunities for growth and success to entrepreneurs like you.
Our quarterly publication features exclusive interviews, articles and features from thriving entrepreneurs and businesses.